G.T. Rigdon is an engineer, an ex-minister, and a writer. One of his favorite quotes is from Plutarch who said: “The mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be kindled.” He finds great satisfaction by igniting such fires with morally engaged provocative stories.

His gripping thriller High Striker sets the tone for his upcoming work with its penetrating question: What is the line that separates good and evil, coincidence and providence, delusion and reality?


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“The riveting Konklin family thriller mixes religious motivation with depravity while brilliantly depicting the dichotomy of human nature…… The book is a literary, deep work of art.” - The Mindquest Review, fall edition, 2012

 “Justice has many forms, including the uncertainty of those who carry it out. High Striker is an unusual and quirky novel….a fascinating read, well worth considering.” - The Midwest Book Review, January, 2013





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